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September kit — “Adobe”

September 15, 2010

is here, and is it ever gorgeous! Especially for those who love southwest themes–just perfect! The September calendar to the right gives a little taste of the beauty of the digital kit…

Not only that, but HQ this week just released a new Crafter Classic, “Concrete Playground.”  To see a glimpse of the Assembly Line layouts suggested for it, check out my website, I’ll have a supply of them available by Saturday, September 18th.

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet lately… The Club Scrap Retreat in August was of course wonderful, but I’m not free to talk about it until the October Retreaters have had their chance to experience the surprises of it, also. However, I guess it won’t hurt to post the annual photo of Mary and I at Club Scrap Headquarters!

Mary and Lynn at Club Scrap Headquarters

And also maybe post a few pictures of the fabulous things my brother Tom does in his new business. Mary and I met him for lunch just after she picked me up at the airport in Minneapolis and before we headed out to the retreat. Tom was able to fill me in on his latest business venture, involving taking care of trees. He always was a fantastic woodworker; then he became a certified arborist. Now he can take care of trees at all stages of life, and he has a special feeling for trees with which people have an emotional attachment. For example, if a tree was lovingly planted to commemorate the birth of a child, or the passing of a loved one, and now needs pruning or to be cut down, he is able to  take the wood saved from that tree and carve beautiful mementos from it that the family can keep as heirlooms. What a fantastic idea, right?

Here are a couple of examples:

1 bowl side1 bowl bottom

Let me know if you’d like more information on his company…

Well then, since I got back home from the retreat,  I’ve been busy getting my house ready to host open crops on Sundays–have had a few friends over and had lovely times.  If you find yourself with some free time on Sunday afternoons, feel free to come and play with me! Just RSVP via email by Saturday night…

Also I’ve been tweaking the specifications for my “Paper Luggage” class project … I discovered that the original directions were fine for holding A2-size greeting cards, but my A2 envelopes are too tight a fit, so I’m increasing the dimensions by a quarter of an inch to accommodate both cards and envelopes very comfortably.

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