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Restart: My latest project

September 4, 2011

Wow, three quarters of the year has passed! Sorry “life” gets in the way of posting… anyway, on to new things…

The August Club Stamp kit’s magazine had a great idea for making your own mosaic tile stamp, which I was itching to try. I’d just seen two weeks prior a video on YouTube about it, and forgot to bookmark it to come back to. When it showed up in the Scrap Rap, I knew it was time to try.

I spent many hours at a crop last weekend cutting up the leftover scraps from the unmounted rubber sheets I’d gotten in my latest pizza box into very small-size “tile” pieces, and mounting them directly on a big unused wooden block.

Firsst try at the stamp

About mid-way through it, I thought I’d better test it in case it didn’t work. Sure enough, the rubber pieces were of varying thicknesses, and without cushioning under them, the experiment failed miserably. Even putting a lot of cusioning underneath the paper I was stamping on didn’t help at all.

I’d spent all day getting that far, and know I didn’t have anything I could use for cushioning with me at the crop, so I had to abandon the project at that point.

The following day at home I found some sheets of fun foam in my newly cleared out craft room, and knew they would be perfect to use for the cushioning. I cut two thicknesses, mounted them on the block, and then set out adhering a second set of scraps to them. This time it took several short sessions over the span of the week to finally finish it…

Second try at the stamp

Second try at the stamp

Let me say at this point that next time I try it, I’ll go about it differently, to save a lot of time: this time I had put the semi-tacky adhesive (Mount-It) on the back of the whole sheet of rubber images, and then covered it when dry with a sheet of wax paper before cutting out the images I would save; that’s my normal way of preparing unmounted images for use. When it was time to cut up the scraps into little tile pieces, each of them of course had the wax paper covering on the back. It was quite time-consuming to remove every little piece of wax paper on the back of every little piece of rubber scrap!  So next time, I’ll use the “sticky box” method of putting the adhesive on the back of the pre-trimmed images, leaving the scraps adhesive-free. When it’s time to make the stamp, I’ll mount the fun foam pads to whatever I’m using for a block, and spread the Mount-It adhesive all over the foam sheet–that way adhering the little pieces will go much faster!

Stamp focal images

Okay. With the stamp complete, now I turned toward the image I was going to use it on. I stamped some  images from the Versailles collection on some plain generic white cardstock.

Then I covered the mosaic tile stamp with Versamark ink, and stamped that on top of the image.

Overstamp and emboss

Overstamp and emboss

Then I used clear embossing powder to sprinkle on top, and heat embossed it.

After it was set, then I used the Club Scrap Sandstone ink, direct-to-paper, to rub over the whole piece, getting it into the grout cracks inbetween the tiles.

Then wiped off excess ink sitting on top of the glossy tiles to brighten them back up.

Below is the final card…

(The glossiness of the tiles doesn’t show in this photo because the angle of the camera avoided the glare.)

Final Card

Final card

Looking forward to using the stamp in a few different ways…

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  1. September 5, 2011 10:30 am

    Very cool! I love the look. I am glad to see pictures of what you talked about – I get it now 🙂 lol Welcome back to your blog. Lisa

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