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Focus for New Year–2013

January 10, 2013

In recent years, I’ve learned not to make resolutions. For me, it’s much more valuable to just think of goals, and ways they might be accomplished. But the minute I ascribe a time frame to a resolution or project, I jinx it’s completion. There are far too many things that arise in my daily life that were not anticipated, but which nevertheless need to be dealt with, throwing into disarray the best laid plans.

I’ve found I’m much happier and productive if I just learn to “go with the flow,” having confidence in myself that how I handle whatever crosses my path at any given point in time, is the best I can do for me.

That being said, I still can examine my life for ways to improve–just not on a strict schedule or time frame. My sister Mary Willert and I had a very stimulating conversation a few days ago, bemoaning how we’ve not made very much progress in our scrapbooking. We both determined to challenge ourselves to finally make some progress in that area. Change is sometimes easier to accomplish when attempted in a friendly challenge, so we began a friendly competition this year to make substantial progress in our scrapbooking. We will be using our blogs to document our progress; and chances are some of our work may also fit into various Club Scrap or other challenges–that will be an awesome side benefit!

I will be keeping track of how many Club Scrap kits (in pages) I am ALSB’ing (Assembly Line Scrapbooking–assembling layouts first without photos), and also how many pages I am completing–which is the harder thing to do! That’s where my “slow creativity” gene slows me down…

Also, because I just can’t simply NOT do any more card-making for Operation Write Home, I’ll still allow some time for that activity, as well–but my main focus needs to be making a dent in my stash of scrapping supplies and decades of photos waiting to be liberated from hidden boxes.

Okay, so Sister Mary got the jump on me–and was able to begin and get a few things done before me… you can watch her progress, and see our friendly rivalry on her blog:

But I’m determined that even though I’m still working (whereas she’s retired…), I can still jump in when challenged, and catch up!

Retreat 2012 Kit

Retreat 2012 kit, “By the Numbers”, ALSB’d and ready for photos

I’m happy to say I picked a place to start last night, and began with ALSB’ing the kit we got at the 2012 Club Scrap Retreat last year… here are the 14 pages now out of the kit box, and awaiting completion with photos:

So, Dear Sister, WE’RE ON ! ! And guess what, I’m hosting an all-day crop at my house this weekend! Yay!!!

I intend to keep track at the bottom of each post the statistics of what I am able to do; I think this will keep me inspired as I go through this year, finally making a dent in this massive project that I began about 15 years ago!

I joined Club Scrap back in February of 2001, and after an inspiring start, quickly got sidetracked into paper crafting–making wonderful projects with their sumptuous cardstock. But it’s time I matured a little bit and found a balance now, enabling the scrapbooking to also get the attention it so deserves… Let the scrapping begin!

No promises on how frequently I’ll be able to post [or even work at it!]. Just any time I get the chance. (And frankly, it’s the “stopping-to-photograph-and-upload-and-document” process that also eats away at my time and determination!)   I wonder how far I’ll get by the end of this year?   🙂


With this post, stats for 2013:

……………………this time….cumulative
ALSB pages:……….14………..14
Finished pages:……0…………0

(OWH Cards:………0…………0)

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  1. January 11, 2013 9:48 am

    A little sisterly competition could be a fun way to accomplish the momentous tasks you two have decided to tackle. Great start the both of you have going on. I’ll be checking in on the progress and am sure to get inspired to attempt what you are doing.


    • January 11, 2013 1:33 pm

      Thanks so much, Leslie! I checked out your website and found your YouTube channel. Cool thing to do, make instructional videos for your daughter!

  2. Mary in WI permalink
    January 10, 2013 2:28 pm

    Good job on your first ALSBs, Sis . . . I’m a little jealous . . . and now I spose I should get my 2012 retreat done too!
    We’ve both gotten a good start, I just have to upload my three finished kits . . .

    • January 10, 2013 2:34 pm

      Thanks! Yes, feels good to get started!
      You know, it really shouldn’t be that hard actually–for even me to set aside some time each night to ASLB a kit.. Just think… if I did one each evening, I could get them all ALSB’d in one year! I might just give that a try! LOL
      It’s really getting the photos on them that’s the hardest part…

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