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About Me

Welcome to my crafting space … my little corner of the world where I can express myself creatively to my heart’s content. 

       I’ve always had a bit of a creative streak in me, but for most of my life relegated it to a back  burner, in order to focus on more “important” activities.  Well, a few years back, I finally arrived at that stage of my life where I realized that working for a living might be necessary, but typing “won’t feed my creative soul…” and I began to yearn for ways to give in to that longing to be creative.

Along came the scrapbooking hobby (and its cousins rubber stamping and card-making!), and soon after, I was introduced to the world of .Club Scrap®. I caught the bug.  Quite severely, I’m afraid!  And I’ve been addicted ever since.

I had been quite content feeding my paper addiction with my monthly fix from Club Scrap®‘s amazing “pizza box” themed collection of scrapping and stamping materials for 4 years; until the clever folks at Club Scrap® opened up a direct sales opportunity for their wonderful products… and called it, “Food For Craft™.”

I guess it was a “sign” — it fit so well with my hunger to “feed my creative soul” … I could not resist!

The result is, as an FFC Sales Team member, I had the privilege for six years from July, 2005 through July, 2011, to share with like-minded creative souls ~~ passionate about exquisite paper ~~ this amazing club and its products.  I met so many inspiring and talented paper crafters, scrappers and cardmakers, with whom I shared many hours in the joy of crafting.

At the end of July, 2011, the FFC program was formally discontinued, but I will be continuing as an Indepent Crafter to share my love of paper crafting with Club Scrap’s superior products. I hope we’ll find opportunities to get together and have fun creating!


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  1. December 30, 2010 10:58 pm

    Lynn !!!!!!! I found your crafting info from an email reply to Don about something and I was INSPIRED AND AMAZED !!!!! I had no idea you are so artistic and creative and connect it all in a loving community of participants ! Monsei! Touche! Wowie! My inner artist is tickled pink and I feel the heart and love through all photos of yourself and others and my God, girl, while the majority of us girls in our age group are looking a little grey and ragged, sincerely I am blown away at the BEAUTY you absolutely RADIATE.

    I think your spiritual discipline must be the reason, but whatever you are doing God Bless you ! and keep up the loving lifestyle …

    I look forward to reading and looking through all your creative project info and am so happy you have been able to manifest at least a part of that very artistic and also crafty soul of yours!

    I love art and creating things too and now I discover this side of Lynne M and I would like to move back to Arizona ! Sigh…. as I read up more on what you’re doing, perhaps I can become a customer or participate from CA…..Anyway, I love the vibes i get from what I’ve seen so far and look forward to reading all of your blogs and info!

    I’ve always seen the highly intelligent, hard-working dedicated and serious Lynn M and had no idea of who you really are and of course I know you hardly at all anyway, but it makes me more determined to look deeper and realize how infinitely complex and beautiful each child of God is…….(and I know you are busy so don’t feel you need to reply.) Truth is I’m embarrassed as how gushy this sounds but I can’t not respond and it is my sincere heart just blown away by you! What an inspiration!

    God Bless you and all of your family, projects, work and friends!

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