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National Scrapbooking Day 2013

May 5, 2013

Ooops! Got a little behind; I will catch up with my totals in scrapbook layouts during PSL (Pro Scrapbooker’s League), and card making, etc. soon, but first I wanted to upload a video I made about my project organizing my unmounted stamps as my effort for National Scrapbooking Day yesterday…

We had a great time at Sindee Looz house, as we do every year. “The Other” Michelle provided a fun opportunity for us all to decorate our own Derby hats, and we all took a break to watch the Kentucky Derby to make fun use of them!  We all contributed to the food fest, and we always go away stuffed to the gills. Georgia had a very cute CTMH card project to make the day complete. I always look forward to our annual get together for National Scrapbooking Day!

NSD 2013 Watching Derby

Lynn's hat       Lynn's Hat 2


One more burst…

February 10, 2013

No time to take and process photos this time, but I did manage to crank out a few more Club Scrap kits to their ALSB’d status yesterday. At a crop at Gale W.’s house in Tucson, I managed to get finished the Serenity Senior (14), Serenity Junior (8), and Peacock Senior (14) kits. I only have today left now to focus on starting the process of digging out photos that will go on all these beautiful layouts! Since that’s the major time-sucker, I better put away the untouched kits and start the photo-assigning process. Tomorrow starts our PSL (Pro Scrapbookers League) challenge of actually putting finished layouts together! Bring it on!

Stats: This post February Jan. Cum. 2013
ALSB pages 36 50 96 146
Completed pages 0 0 0 0
OWH Cards, CS 0 0 12 12
OWH Cards, non-CS 0 0 0 0
Projects 0 0 1 1

Starting off Feb. on the right foot

February 4, 2013
Pure & Simple Sr kit ALSB

Pure & Simple Sr kit ALSB (14 pages)

I’m happy I was able to get February off to a good start — Sunday while half-listening to the Super Bowl in the background, I managed to assemble the ALSB (Assembly Line) layouts from the Pure & Simple Senior Club Scrap kit (from April, 2009). As I pulled out the kit and began to go through it, a dim recollection began to surface–that I had raided some of the 8.5″ x 11″ papers back in 2009 when I was making my cool Stationer’s Box; therefore, I had to come up with a few replacements. I’m sure the layouts will all look fine when I get photos mounted on them.

I selected this kit to work on because  it contains the perfect colors to coordinate with some photos I want to scrap soon. I recently attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new building of Infusionsoft (a software company that I utilize at work), which is headquartered “down the road a piece” from my house. They had recently undergone a graphic makeover, too, — their new logo colors (and new building interior decor theme) contain pretty much these lovely green and gray colors.

Now I’m all set for the “Pro Scrapbookers League” to get underway, so I can start assembling finished pages. Monday will be the official kickoff for registration, and the following week will begin the 7 weekly challenges.

(FYI, here are photos of the Stationer’s Box I made back in December of 2009, also using these beautiful papers…)

Pure and Simple Stationer's Box

Pure and Simple Stationer’s Box, with matching greeting cards inside

Pure and Siimple Stationer's Box Open

Pure and Simple Stationer’s Box Open

Okay, back to statistics with the latest batch of layouts ALSB’d…

Stats: This post February Jan. Cum. 2013
ALSB pages 14 14 96 110
Completed pages 0 0 0 0
OWH Cards, CS 0 0 12 12
OWH Cards, non-CS 0 0 0 0
Projects 0 0 1 1

More ALSB, but with cards

January 27, 2013

Yesterday I completed ALSB’ing my Club Stamp kit for January, “Random Doorways,” only I decided to make them into cards rather than layouts. (Actually got to feeling a little guilty that I hadn’t made any Operation Write Home cards for the past couple of months while I was focusing on preparing to scrapbook my heart out…)  I thought I’d show more details of how I did it, since it’s a great thing to do to fairly quickly use up a Club Stamp kit, but also to show more details to our Operation Write Home friends a great technique they can use with their own materials.

For this project, I selected for the directions to use the Assembly Line directions for the “Just Dandy” kit that Club Scrap put out in July, 2011. (CLICK HERE to see/download those directions.)

Random Doorways cardstock ready to cut into card bases

“Random Doorways” Club Stamp kit ready for ALSB (Assembly Line) card-making. Here, 6 sheets of 8.5″x11″ are earmarked for card bases; and scored down the middle. [Well, actually 7 are pictured here. One of the teals was a mistake, so it was taken out of that pile and put in the other one below…)

Each Club Stamp kit comes with 12 sheets of Club Scrap’s exclusive heavy-weight cardstock; they’re all in the 8.5″ x 11″ size (in contrast to the coordinating Senior and Junior kits). That makes this club particularly attractive to card-makers, because these kits are just ready-to-go for making A-2 sized cards. They contain 2 sheets of a print (designed to coordinate with that month’s theme in the  Senior and Junior kits), plus 10 sheets of solids using matching colors of the color palette for that month.

So, substituting the “Random Doorways” sheets of cardstock for the “Just Dandy” ones in the directions, I otherwise just followed the directions to come up with 12 finished cards.

Random Doorways, 12 card bases ready

Random Doorways: The first 6 sheets of cardstock, now cut, scored, and folded into 12 card bases.

According to those directions, 6 sheets of cardstock were needed to designate for the card bases, so that was the first step. Above, you see the ones I chose from the Random doorways collection. Then I scored and cut them.

(Tip: Tricia Morris, co-founder of Club Scrap and “Assembly Line” directions Queen, suggested when cutting and scoring cardstock for card bases, it saves a whole step by scoring a sheet first, and THEN cutting it in half–that way you only have to make one scoring pass!)

Then all 12 card bases are folded and burnished along the score lines, and set aside.

Random Doorways: remaining 6 sheets will be used for card panels

Random Doorways: remaining 6 sheets of cardstock in the kit will be used for card panels.

The remaining 6 sheets of cardstock in the Random Doorways kit are earmarked for trimming into various panels to be decorated and nested and/or mounted on top of the bases. I had printed out the original directions, and crossed out the “Just Dandy” paper designations and replaced them with the papers I selected from this “Random Doorways” collection.

Here’s what the “puddle” of cut-up panel pieces look like, once each of the 6 sheets is cut up according to the cutting directions:

Random Doorways: panel sheets of cardstock cut up into their pieces

Random Doorways: 6 panel sheets now cut up according to the cutting instructions; ready for placement

Now with all pieces cut and ready to assemble, I laid them all out according to the suggested diagrams in the directions:

Random Doorways, all pieces cut and laid out

Random Doorways: all pieces cut and laid out according to instruction diagrams. Ready to customize!

Now all that remains is–for me!–the most time-consuming part of the project; doing the actual decorating of the cards!

Since I had all the unmounted rubber stamps for this Random Doorways collection, I decided to focus on utilizing those for this particular cards, and went to work. I also used pieces of leftover ribbon and other embellishments from the Random Doorways Senior and Junior kits.

Here are the final cards, ready to be prepped for shipping to Operation Write Home:

Random Doorways Club Stamp kit--final 12 cards

Random Doorways: the final decorated 12 cards

Okay, the deed is done! And now I feel better that can start putting some numbers into my statistics block for accomplishments for 2013. Today I think I’ll make a few more OWH cards using up old stash papers; just to get the numbers up!

I’m saving the “Completed pages” efforts for Club Scrap’s “Professional Scrapbookers League” (PSL) challenge, which will begin in about a week… then those zeroes will begin to disappear…

With this post, stats: This post January, 2013 Cumulative 2013
ALSB pages 0 96 96
Completed pages 0 0 0
OWH Cards, CS 12 12 12
OWH Cards, non-CS 0 0 0
Projects 0 1 1

Wondering if I’ll have any time to squeeze in maybe a project per month? That’s ambitious; it will be tight, especially during PSL…projects just might have to wait…

More Dents!

January 27, 2013
Random Doorways Jr. kit ALSB

Random Doorways Jr. kit ALSB (8 pages)

Another creative weekend! Two in a row…

Friday evening I was able to ALSB (Assembly Line scrapbook) the Random Doorways Junior kit.

With that, I realized I’d completed the Sr. and Jr. kits, both in the same month I received them… a record for me. Since the weekend was just beginning,  I got inspired to continue the record-making pace, and do all THREE kits! I had just received the Club Stamp kit on Thursday, so why not try for all three kits in the same month?

I think I’ll write about the result in a separate post, because I took more photos to explain the process…

With this post, stats for 2013:

ALSB pages:………..8……………..96
Finished pages:……0……….………0

(OWH Cards:………0……….………0)

Feels good to be making a dent…

January 21, 2013
Random Doorways ALSB

Random Doorways Sr. kit ALSB (14 pages)

I had a very productive weekend for a change. First, an all day crop down in Tucson at my friend Gale W’s house. I brought another friend with me, Gale A., so it was quite amusing… the confusion caused by having two people with the same name present!

Anyway, I tackled the ALSB (Assembly Line layouts)  for Club Scrap’s current monthly kit, Random Doorways. I believe this was the first time I ever ALSB’d it during the actual month it arrived… I had hoped to get to the Junior kit too, but ran out of time. (I had also worked on planning layouts for the Retreat ’12 kit I ALSB’d a couple of weeks ago.)

Retreat 2004

Retreat 2004 (Green Bay) ALSB (10 pages)

Then Gale A. and I also attended an all-day crop at our friend Polsia’s house in Peoria on Sunday. That’s when we really cranked it out — I brought 3 Retreat kits with me to work on. First up was Retreat 2004, which had been held in Green Bay. (This was before the assembly line effort began, so there were no directions to follow.) I was forced to press my own smarticles into duty; I used some of the Idea Deck cards to make layouts for this kit. Unfortunately, I must have used up some of the cardstock years ago, because there were only enough sheets in the box to complete 10 layouts on this one. (I hope I don’t someday come across the beginnings of a Retreat 2004 Album that I started way back then with the sheets that are now missing!!)

Retreat 2010 kit

Retreat 2010 kit ALSB (Connections) (14 pages)

Then came Retreat 2010 (Connections) and Retreat 2011 (Hot Chicks), each one 14 pages. Now I’m feeling more confident I may be able to catch up with Sister Mary very soon!

Retreat 2011 kit

Retreat 2011 kit ALSB (Hot Chicks) (14 pages)

With this post, stats for 2013:

……………………this wkend….cumulative
ALSB pages:……….52……………..88
Finished pages:……0……….………0

(OWH Cards:………0……….………0)

As a reminder, all of this effort is a build up to the REAL challenge which starts in a couple of weeks: the PSL, or Pro Scrapbooker’s League challenge–where we will be completing these layouts in a friendly competition with other Club Scrappers — challenging us to use up our stash and get layouts completed and INTO ALBUMS, with rewards to boot… feel free to check out the link above…

Next up–Bright Lights, Big City

January 16, 2013
Bright Lights, Big City--Senior kit

Bright Lights, Big City–Senior kit

Last Saturday and Sunday I was able to host a small crop at my house, and even managed to get some layouts ALSB’d with the December ’12 Club Scrap kit, “Bright Lights, Big City.” I’m enjoying just following directions to get these pages made, so it can go somewhat fast. What will bog me down is when it comes time to select and layout photos on the page…

Saturday I did the Senior kit (14 pages), and then Sunday I followed up with the Junior kit pages (8).

I’m not getting as many done as Sister Mary at the moment; but I hope to catch up soon… Actually I have two more crop days available this coming weekend!

Bright Lights, Big City--Junior kit

Bright Lights, Big City–Junior kit




With this post, stats for 2013:

……………………this time….cumulative
ALSB pages:……….22………..36
Finished pages:……0…………0

(OWH Cards:………0…………0)